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About Susan - Government Affairs Consultant

Susan Nelson is an experienced leader in all aspects of government relations, industry relations and coalition building. She has more than 22 years’ experience serving as a personal office staffer for 4 Members of Congress, to include a district office, a legislative specialist in the Office of Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs at NASA Headquarters and a government relations and business strategist for 3 major Aerospace and Defense companies—all along making connections and developing networks necessary to make your business and government relations strategies a success!


As a government relations and business strategy leader, Susan has led the development of Coalitions, Supplier Days, nation-wide stakeholder tools for the government and industry, drafted long-standing anomaly, bill and report language for appropriations and authorization.

At NASA and in Industry, Susan worked tirelessly along with her colleagues to ensure that the Nation had a successor to the Space Shuttle Capability—a capability that employed the best and the brightest from the Nation’s industry, from Vermont to Kansas all the way to Washington. Now heading into it’s 11th year these small businesses and companies head to Washington, D.C. every February to thank our government leaders for their support and to show the progress being made on the program and to strengthen the industrial base with jobs and state of the art manufacturing. Susan has also parlayed her NASA knowledge to the national security and energy fields, capitalizing on her skillset and tool chest from her experience in Washington, D.C.

Our Nation’s Capital and how it works is not for the faint of heart, at least not at first glance. In reality, the inner-workings of D.C is about people first and then learning how to navigate the policies and procedures related to making it work for you. Understanding this and how to build and maintain executive branch, legislative branch and industry partnerships are skills needed to make Washington, D.C. work for you—this is where Susan and IBEX2 Solutions thrives!

Experts Panel


Jana Spruce, Driving Organizational Acceleration Through Culture, Teams, and Trust 

We couldn’t ask for a more tenacious advocate for our team. Susan is well organized, thoughtful, and helped us navigate a complex network of customers and stakeholders. She will go above and beyond to pull off a great event and always knows who to connect us with. Susan is a great asset for the team.

Aaron Lewis, Vice President Corporate Communications & Government Relations, Arianespace, Inc.

Susan is as skilled, knowledgeable, and capable as they get in the Washington operations field. Her ability to navigate the corridors of power and exert influence where it counts makes her a valuable team member and coalition partner. She is an extremely agreeable individual while always telling it to you straight. A rare combination.

Brian Chase (former Supervisor, Capitol Hill & NASA), Vice President International Government Affairs

Susan is an extremely dedicated professional. She is someone who balances both the understanding of a strategic vision coupled with the ability to do the work to see it through. Whether in legislative strategy and outreach or business development. She is an extremely hard worker and dedicated to completing the tasks necessary with the utmost ability.



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Executive Branch

  • Office of Science and Technology Policy

  • National Space Council

  • Office of Management and Budget

  • Department of Energy

  • Department of Commerce

  • Federal Aviation Administration

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Hill Advocacy

  • Personal Office Outreach

  • Committee Outreach

  • Authorization & Appropriations

  • Political Action Committee Outreach


Industry Partnerships

  • Strategic Business Development

  • Coalition Building

  • Facilitating Business-to-Business Partnerships

  • Supplier and Advocacy Days

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